WMS students talk about their dream jobs!


Kamryn Rocha and Elaina Barber

Have you ever wondered what the students of WMS want to be after they graduate? Today, we interviewed a few of the West Middle School students and got their opinion on this topic!

Norah, West student, said she wants to be a lawyer. Why? “I want to be a lawyer because it seems like a fun job. It is a part of my dream college, Harvard, and if I get accepted I can make a lot of money!”

Brianna, West student, shared that she wants to be an Ultrasound Tech. Her reasoning was, “I want to be an Ultrasound Tech because my sister, Amalia, is one. She will get a good amount of money for only 2 years of schooling. ”

Easton, West student, exclaims that he wants to be a baseball player. In his own words, “It pays a lot of money and I’ve been playing since I was 5 years old. I also want to be a part of the MLB with all of my friends.”

Avery, West student, voiced she wants to be a professional volleyball player. She wants to be a professional volleyball player, “It is a really fun sport and an easy way to make friends. I enjoy having a team to always support.”

Lastly, we interviewed Alyssa Demeester, West student; Who wants to be a nurse. She stated, “I want to be a nurse because it pays well and I enjoy learning new things. ”What do you want to do when you graduate? Comment on your dream job below!