My top 3 favorite Video Games of the last few years


Aiden Przeslawski, Reporter

Many video games don’t receive as much attention as they should, but they offer a one-of-a-kind experience everyone should try at least once. Here are a few you can try for yourself!

#3: Cuphead

For our first game, we have Cuphead. While this game did come out in 2017 and it’s way past its popularity point, it’s still a very fun pastime. It offers a difficult run-and-gun adventure, which may have you irritated. Even if it is an infuriating game at times, it’s extremely rewarding and leaves a smile on your face after you beat a tough opponent. From the few hours I have poured into this game, it was super fast-paced and exciting, leaving me practicing the game for long periods of time.

Cuphead has amazing graphics, resurfacing the feeling of being in an old cartoon. Most would think this would be distracting, but when you play you become so immersed that you feel like you’re in a cartoon. The difference between the old movie reel style blurs with that of reality, and it keeps you distracted and entertained in an indescribable way. It’s disappointing it’s past its prime, but it doesn’t mean it’s a bad game that shouldn’t be played, it’s the exact opposite of that.

#2: Bonelab

My second favorite game recently is Bonelab. Released in October of 2022, it is by far the best Virtual Reality game I have experienced. Offering a campaign of 13 levels and about 4-5 hours of gameplay, once completed, it leaves endless possibilities for the player.

Bonelab has an amazing physics engine, being near able to replicate the feel of real life. You’re able to set up hundreds of quick scenarios in Sandbox, or face different challenges and get the fastest time in the Tac Trial or Parkour gamemode. It offers multiple ways to keep yourself occupied, and it was a very fun game to complete and progress through. It has Mod support as well, so you can easily add different items and models made straight from the community.

While it may take a while to finish completely, and it may be a very aggravating game at times from its steep learning curve, it offers a one-of-a-kind, completely immersive Virtual Reality experience, and it’s definitely worth the time for those who have a headset lying around.


To take the top spot, we have my most likely favorite game of all time. The game’s development started way back in 2014 but wasn’t released until 2020. Even if the game just turned 2 years old this Christmas, it’s still a masterpiece of an adventure.

OMORI is an indie psychological horror game developed by OMOCAT and a small team of artists and musicians. It’s a lighthearted, funny, and emotional game all at the same time. The overall atmosphere of the game is just addicting to play, and it’s made even better by its outstanding soundtrack of 179 songs. Reminiscent of older games such as Legend of Zelda and Earthbound, it includes RPG elements that make the game exciting to progress through. 

You’re given places to explore, and lots of hidden objectives to reveal a dark secret behind the bright and colorful world it’s set in. The design and personality of the characters are flawless, and the game leaves you wanting to play it again. I cannot stress enough how entertaining and astonishing a simple game like this was. It changed the way I look at video games as a whole, and even influenced my perspective on other important matters. The game covers sensitive topics and it may not be suitable for all audiences, but it is established in the most breathtaking way possible. Playable on Xbox, Playstation, Steam, and even Nintendo Switch, this game is a must-have for people looking for a memorable experience that really pulls at your heart.