Which Chapstick is “Da Balm”?


Brianna Stasa and Isla Jones

During the cold season, chapstick is essential. However, finding the right one can be difficult. To help you out, we’ve asked several of our 7th grade students what chapstick they use, and why they love it. 


Mia, West student,“I use Carmex. I use Carmex because I like that it’s minty and it’s very healing. You can find it at Target, Walgreens, CVS, or really anywhere.” Overall Mia rates Carmex a 9/10.



Lexie, West student, “I use Tree Hut lip butter because it acts as a chapstick and a lip gloss. You can find it at Target or Ulta.” Overall Lexie rates Tree Hut lip butter a 9/10.



Sylvia, West student, “I use Glossier bom.com. I like it because it smells good and they’re cute. You can find it on glossier.com, but they don’t sell it in stores, only online.” Overall, Sylvia rates Glossier bom.com a 10/10. 



Norah, West student, “I use Vaseline because it’s in a tub so you can get a ton of it at a time, and it helps keep my lips moisturized. You can find it at Target and CVS.” Overall, Norah rates Vaseline an 8/10. 



Kamryn, West student, “I use an Aquaphor stick because it keeps my lips unchapped and moisturized. You can find it at Target.” Overall, Kamryn rates the Aquaphor stick a 9/10.



Zeina, West student, “I use Burts Bees chapstick. I use it because it’s really moisturizing, and it smells really good. You can find it at like Target, CVS, Ulta, or at almost any beauty store.” Overall, Zeina rates Burts Bees chapstick a 9/10.


John, West student, ”I don’t use chapstick because I just don’t really need it.” 

After reading about all of the different chapsticks that our 7th graders use, hopefully you can find a chapstick that’s right for you!