7th grade band student shares their love for the class!


7th grade band student practicing for their upcoming playing test

Annabelle Northcott, reporter

People all around West Middle School go through many different electives, but I’ve decided to highlight one that is very special and different from all of the rest: the West Middle School Band.

I had a talk with the 7th grade band student, Melina, to get her favorite things about the class as a low brass player.  “I play the trombone, it’s really fun!” she says.

A lot of people who are in band find it to be very enjoyable, Melina is no exception,“There’s a lot of interesting people and our Teacher is amazing, she teaches very well!” When I asked if Band was her favorite class, she responded yes with no hesitation. 

Melina also had some thoughts on things non-band kids should know about,“I think they should give band a try, even though it might be too late now, there might be some sort of band outside of school. Like kids can try piano or something like that.” 

Third and Fourth hour band classes are both 7th graders, just one class has brass and percussion players while the other is filled with woodwinds. Melina  explains, “Yeah, fourth hour is way more chaotic. Third hour is more calm, if you get free time you just play games on your chromebook. I remember in fourth hour when they had free time they just started arm wrestling, Mrs. Farmer said that was a big thing in third hour!”

You see, some people think Band is “only for weirdos,” but being in Band can be amazing. Speaking from my experience as a current 7th grade band student, I can concur that band is really fun. You can learn a new skill and make a ton of friends at the same time! So for those who don’t like the band, maybe just give it a shot and you might find that it’ll be the best decision you’ve ever made!