Get Out Your Thinking Caps West. NWEA is Back!


6th graders taking the math NWEA.

Claudia Fisher, Reporter

You better start studying West. NWEA is here. This week and next week students will be putting their Math and ELA skills to the test through the NWEA. 

Starting February 28th students will begin taking the Math NWEA test. Shortly after, the week of March 6-10th, students will take the ELA NWEA test.

I talked to 6-7th grade math teacher Mrs. Holten about the NWEA, and I asked if she thought her students were ready for the Math NWEA test, she replied, “I do think that they are prepared, but some maybe not so prepared, but some are just ready to go; because everyday they come to school, do what they need to do, so they are ready to show off what they know.” She proceeds to mention that the students who have been putting forth a lot of effort are ready to go. “I would suggest to students that they take time to read the questions carefully, look for keywords in a question, and try to reason through a best guess kind of answer if they really don’t know.” Mrs. Holten offers her advice to students. She also reminds students that the NWEA tests are designed for you to get the answers wrong, so it’s ok if you don’t know the answer.

I questioned 7th graders Keira and Presley on whether or not they are prepared for the NWEA testing. Keira states, “Yes, I think I’m prepared for the tests”. When I asked Presley, she answered, “I think I’m prepared.” I also asked them both what they are doing or could be doing to help them prepare for the tests. Keira declares, “I’m not really doing anything. I just don’t really have the time for it.”. Presleys response was, “I’m preparing by focusing extra hard in class so I don’t forget anything.”

I also went and interviewed 6-7th grade ELA teacher Mrs. O’Dell. I asked her if she thought her students were prepared for the test and she replied, “I do. I think they have been focusing on their work in class.” She also mentioned that her students have been working hard on their skills, and are ready. I also asked her what advice she would give to her students, she answered with, “Come to school well rested, make sure to eat before so you’re not thinking about food, and remember to relax”.

For some students the Math NWEA test matters more. This test is one of the 3 tests that 7th graders will take to determine whether or not they will advance into the accelerated math program for 8th grade.

The NWEA testing can be stressful for some, but like Mrs. Holten said, it’s important to remember that the NWEA is designed for you to answer most of the questions wrong. Just know that it’s ok and try to relax if you don’t know the answer; think it through and choose the best answer.

Good luck West.