Majszak the Meteorologist predicts a possible snow day for this Friday, March 3!


Mr. Majszak, the weather guru.

Nate Millen, reporter

West Science and S.T.E.M Teacher, Mr.Majszak, loves to predict upcoming snow days and weather patterns. 

 ”Like most teachers I have a side hustle, I own a landscaping company.” During the winter Months, Mr. Majszak plows snow in the winter and mows lawns in the summer months, which forces him to follow the weather closely, ”So, I am very in tune to be prepared,” he continued. 

Mr. Majszak uses many resources to know the weather more than a week in advance. Some of those sources are, “”, “weather underground”. “But, there is a guy on the internet called The Snow Freak,” Mr. Majszak continued. “He [The Snow Freak] has been the most accurate person yet.” 

I asked Mr. Majszak If he thought we would have any snow days in the future and this is what he had to say. ,“There’s a storm for this friday that I’m watching.” He stated that his guy is saying that we might get 6 inches of snow this Friday. Mr. Majszak went on to say that if we get this snow, we will not have school on Friday, March 3rd. 

Mr. Majszak was surprised that our school called an ice day ahead of time last Wednesday. But he also stated, ”Nothing surprised me about Thursday.”

Later on Mr. Majszak said, ”You can ask Mr.Smiley, I’ve been right every time.” Mr. Majszak went on to say it felt pretty good to be correct about the snow days. 

Mr. Majszak thinks that if there’s anyone to go to in this school about snow days, it should be him.