West Peers “Band” Together to Share Favorite Music Artists


West Student Wearing Nirvana T-Shirt

Annalyse Wallace, Reporter

Imagine a West student, walking through downtown with some music playing in their headphones. But… what music are they listening to? Rock? Pop? Or something different?

Depending on where students grew up at, the music their friends and family listen to, their mood, or even just what they’re drawn to, WMS has students and even teachers listening to all kinds of music artists, bands, and genres. Today, you get to see what some West peers think their favorite music artist is and why!

First, I interviewed West 6th grader and hip hop fan, Fiona Rogerson, “Probably Drake, I guess…He’s probably my favorite because my mom recommended I listen to him, and I asked my friends and they said he was pretty good too.”

Next, I interviewed West 7th grader Vivienne Simon, who likes rock. “My favorite is probably Kirk Hammett because he does what he does good.” 

I also interviewed West 7th Grader Elaina Barber, who likes pop, “I like The Neighborhood. I like them because they are relatable, they aren’t sad music artists and my mom and I used to listen to them when I was little.”

Then, I got in an interview with Mrs. Hine, an alternative fan. She said, “The Black Keys is my favorite. I can listen to anything by them, anytime, and they make something for everything. For every situation, they have a song.”

 Fun fact! Did you know that what kind of music you listen to is linked to certain personality traits? For example, people that listen to rock are actually generally more gentle, creative and introverted.

As you can see, many different people at West like many different bands and artists of music. Do you agree with any of these people, or do you like somebody else? Share your thoughts in the comments!