All About Avonlea the Pig


Isla Jones, Reporter

Many people know what a typical day to day life looks like for a dog. But what about a pig?

I, Isla Jones, have an adorable pig. Avonlea Read Cooper. Come along as I tell you about her, and her daily life.  

Avonlea’s daily life: Wake up, eat, sleep, eat, sleep, go potty, eat, sleep, repeat. 


Meals: As a pig, Avonlea looks forward to every single one of her meals. In the mornings she likes to wake up bright and early to enjoy bananas and blueberries for her breakfast. Around 12:30 pm, she’s ready for lunch! She has what we call “pig salad”. Pig salad consists of spinach, mixed veggies, and watermelon on top. In the evening, her dinner is one cup of mini pig pellets, a spoon-full of applesauce, and a dash of warm water. 



Sleeping Schedule: Avonlea has a pretty packed schedule, but she always finds a way to sneak in at least 3-4 naps a day. Being a pig isn’t easy. So when Avonlea has the time, she’ll head up stairs to her bed, and snuffle around in her blankets until she finds the perfect spot, to enjoy her beauty sleep.


The Outdoors: Avonlea is potty trained, just like a dog. She also enjoys walks around the neighborhood, but only during the warm seasons. Avonlea loves to soak up all of the warm sun. When she needs to cool down, she’ll either tip over her water bowl and lay in the water. Or she’ll find a spot in the dirt and dig a nice cool spot for her to lay in.

Love: Avonlea is a very loving pig, but the most important thing to know about pigs is how emotional they are. Emotion wise, pigs are very similar to humans. For example, every year I go to nationals for dance. When we get back, Avonlea is very excited to see us, but she is also very angry that we left her. Avonlea is judgemental and stubborn, but she also has a very big heart. When she wants, she can be the sweetest, and most adorable pig you’ll ever meet. Or she can be grumpy and up-tight. It’s very difficult to tell what kind of mood she’ll be in, but either way, deep down she always has so much love in her heart.


Avonlea is a silly, sometimes stubborn, adorable, sweet little pig.  There is so much more to get to know about her, so be on the lookout for another article if you want to know more!