Lottery Luck!


Powerball lottery ticket

Madelyn Bobby and Norah Perkins

The channel The Local 4 reported that a thirty year old woman almost threw away her Michigan lottery ticket without knowing it was worth $1,000,000!! That got us thinking, “What would happen if WE won the lottery?!”

WMS student Meghan states that she would buy a house in Hawaii, “If I won the lottery I would definitely spend my money on a house in Hawaii. I have always wanted to live in Hawaii because of how beautiful it is.” 

WMS student Lexie also mentioned that she would also buy a house in Hawaii, “I would have to agree, Hawaii is beautiful and would definitely be worth the money!”

“I think I would buy a pregnant pig with my lottery money.” Ava, WMS student said. “I don’t want just a normal pig because I want baby pigs too!”  

“I would want a yacht,” Sophia WMS student said. “I would want one because it’s fun and you can tan on them.”

Kaydence WMS states, “I would want a jet ski, I would park it on Sophia’s yacht!”

WMS students have big ideas for what they would do if they won the lottery, but what would you do?