Which fast food restaurant has the best chicken nuggets?


All the different nuggets and what place they came from.

Nate Millen, reporter

#1 Wendy’s Spicy chicken nuggets. When you first bite in, you are hit with a burst of flavor and nice tender chicken on the inside. You don’t feel the spice until after you swallow. When you swallow your mouth slowly gets hotter and hotter. The breading on the outside was hot and made a nice crunch when you bite into it. 10/10 my go to nugget.

#2 Burger King chicken fries. You bite in and a pleasant taste hits your tongue and then the soft, tender chicken on the inside. A long skinny shape. Soft breading on the outside with a great flavor and it just makes you want to keep eating. Great option, but the size it comes in is a little small. 9/10

#3 Wendy’s regular nuggets. Thin soft breading packed with flavor on the outside, soft warm tender chicken on the inside also loaded with flavor. You will always be in the mood to eat these and they always fulfill whatever you were craving. 8.9/10

#4 Arby’s premium nuggets. These have a thick stiffer breading with a larger amount of chicken. These are a great option for nuggets, but they can be bland and have very little flavor. They don’t taste bad by any means but could be better with a little bit of flavor. 7/10

#5 McDonald’s nuggets. There are so many reasons why these are at the bottom, but I will just state the big ones. First off, they smell horrible like they sat out for 5 days. A rotten and horrible smell to start with. They have a rubbery and thin breading with absolutely no flavor and then the chicken on the inside tastes raw and rotten. Do not buy! -9/10