Remy the Rat! Our New “Furry” 6th Grade Friend


Remy Dressed as “Will the WIse”

Claudia Fisher, Reporter

Our new “furry” friend Remy the Rat is big, bad, bold, follows his dreams, and.. Well…. Is a drawing. But, it’s your imagination that counts. You may be wondering: Where is he? Why is he a rat? Why would this even be a thing? What’s the thought process? Well, I’m here to answer all of your questions.

Remy the Rat is a whiteboard drawing that comes to life with a little help of your imagination. Remy can be found in Mr. Meyer’s 6th grade classroom, B210. Remy’s creator is 7th Grader Anna Austermann, who makes Remy and all of his adventures come to life. You can find Anna drawing Remy, in action, before class, between 8-8:15 am.

I talked to the legend herself, Anna Austermann, about the thought process of Remy. She stated, “I first got the idea of Remy when I had a project last year in science, and I had to draw a rat. So I memorized how to draw a rat and drew it on Mr. Meyer’s whiteboard, and it became a thing!” I asked her which Remy drawing has been her favorite so far, and she responded with “Ice Spice Remy”.

To see what the 6th Graders think of Remy, I spoke with Adriana and Caroline. I asked them their opinions on Remy, Adriana responded, “I like Remy the rat, and I feel that he should be there everyday”. Caroline mentioned, “I like Remy the Rat, and I think it’s really creative that they have him.” Both girls suggested that Remy should be a leprechaun next, for St. Patrick’s Day. 

Remy is dressed as something new everyday, and it’s not only Anna who can come up with Remy’s next outfit; you can suggest outfits too! Anna is always open to suggestions.

Although Remy is fake, he is real in our heart’s. If you have any suggestions for what Remy should be next, make a comment, or mention to Anna herself.