UConn wins the men’s march madness tournment.

Nate Millen, reporter


There were many upsets this March Madness. The teams seated the best in the entire thing keep losing. Arizona, who was very high ranked, lost in the first round to Princeton who was seated 15th. Perdu, who a lot of people had won the whole thing, lost to FDU, a 16 seed. This is not what people were expecting to happen. this march madness every team that was a number 1 seed is out and none of the number one seeds even made it to the final four.

UConn wins March Madness. Yesterday University of Connecticut, a number 4 seed, went against San Diego State, a number 5 seed in the March Madness Finals. UConn won the game 76-59. This is only the second time a 4 seed has won. The other one was Arizona in 1997. 

UConn won 4 other March Madness’. One in 2014 where they played Kentucky and beat them 60-54. In 2011, UConn beat Butler 53-4. In 2004, UConn beat Georgia Tech 82-73, and in 1999 they beat Duke 77-74. 

In March Madness, the lower the team’s seed number then the higher they are ranked. So a number 1 seed is ranked first and a number 16 seed would be ranked last.