West Middle School, Home to the world’s largest Slideshow!

West Middle School, Home to the worlds largest Slideshow!

Aiden Przeslawski, Reporter

World records are a pretty big deal, and only the most prestigious people are able to lift a title like that. What if I told you that a world record was made right here at West Middle School? 

On October 7th, 2021, “Stuff” was made. Stuff is a collaborative slideshow focused on making as many slides as possible, while keeping enjoyment in itself. As of March 13th, 2023, the slideshow has 3203 unique and different slides, and has been active for 522 days. That’s about 6 slides every day! While the numbers are a lot, the largest recorded slideshow of Unique slides only reaches about 2661 slides, which is 542 slides in difference!

With around 5 people working on the slide every weekday, Stuff growth has been very inconsistent. Sometimes, production could go as high as 100 slides a day! Being a huge community project and an important hobby for a lot of people, the Slideshow has had a lot of work put into it over the course of a year. The Slideshow was applied to Guinness world records earlier this year, and internet searches have resulted in no slideshows with a larger number.

It still continues to grow, reaching about 10 slides everyday now! Every slide has some sort of joke or image, and not a single one is blank. Days and days worth of effort have been put into each part of the project, by now it’s likely the largest google slideshow in the world! It just goes to show how hard work and dedication can turn out, and even the weirdest of projects can become amazing things.