Mr. Majzak’s March Madness Bracket Pool Pt. 2


Gabe’s Final Four

Sam McMann and Campbell Nicholson

West 7th grader Gabe is tied for first in the Majszak bracket going into the Sweet Sixteen. March Madness is under way and a bunch of brackets have been busted, especially in Mr. Majzak’s pool. Let’s take a look at some of the lucky brackets that remain somewhat intact. 

We got a chance to interview Gabe. Here is what he said. “My strategy was to mostly just pick the higher seeds. It’s cool to have a chance to win the 12 cookies and 20 PBIS cash. I think I have a chance to stay in first but let’s see how it plays out.” 

Gabe is also tied with 7th grader Donovan for 1st place. Donovan has Kansas winning it all and Gabe has Alabama cutting down the net over Texas. Gabe thinks that Alabama will take down Purdue and Texas will defeat UCLA. Donovan predicts that Kansas will take down Houston en route to defeating Arizona in the Natty. He also has Arizona beating Purdue in the final 4. 

Let us know how your brackets are doing.