Taylor Swift: The Unreleased Become The Released


Student Listening To “All of the Girls You Loved Before” By Taylor Swift

Claudia Fisher, Reporter

…Ready For it? On Mar 15, 2023 Taylor Swift sent her fans, Swfities, into their Wildest Dreams when she announced that she would be releasing 4 of her unreleased songs. “Eyes Open” (Taylor’s Version), “Safe & Sound” (Taylor’s Version), “If This Was a Movie” (Taylor’s Version), and last but definitely not least, “All of The Girls You Loved Before” (Taylor’s Version).

Swifties were Enchanted to hear this eye opening news. “Safe & Sound”, and “Eyes Open” were songs written for the “Hunger Games” movies. Swift re-released these songs as (Taylor’s Version) after she lost the rights to them. “If This Was a Movie” is a song on Taylor’s hit album “Speak Now” that she re-released for the same reason. “All of The Girls You Loved Before” is a song that was cut from Taylor’s album “Lover”. The song was leaked on Tik Tok, and in the excitement of the Eras Tour, beginning on the 17th, Taylor released these songs as a gift to her Swifties.

For all of the non-Swifties, Taylor no longer owns her first 6 albums. This was the result of Swift’s contract with her previous record label “Big Machine Records”. Scooter Braun is the man responsible for this consequence. Braun acquired this contract with Swift in 2019. Taylor has mentioned before that she refused to sign a non-disclosure agreement. If Swift had signed this contract, she would have been unable to voice her concerns about Braun to the public. Scooter had sold Taylor’s albums to Shamrock Holdings, an investment firm, for a $300 million deal. Correspondingly, Swift was left to re-record all of her albums before Lover, which consist of her Debut Album, “Taylor Swift”, through ”Reputation”. Taylor’s decision to re-record her first 6 albums was so her music could “live on”. Swift has re-recorded her albums, “Red” and “Fearless”, along with releasing songs from “the vault” from these albums. Swifties are speculating the release of Speak Now (Taylor’s Version), after receiving many easter eggs from our Mastermind Swift.

I spoke with some Swifties to get their thoughts on the new songs. 7th Grade Swifty Kaitlyn says that “All of The Girls You Loved Before” is her favorite song out of the 4. I also asked Kaitlyn if she was happy Taylor released these songs as Taylors Version, she replied with yes because now Taylor owns the rights to these songs once again. I also talked with 7th Grade Swifty, Ryen. Ryen mentions, “My new favorite Taylor Swift song is ‘All of The Girls You Loved Before’” I asked Ryen the same question I asked Kaitlyn, and she replied, “I am happy that these songs are released on Taylor’s Version.”

The Swifties on Tik Tok were eating up the fact that “All of The Girls You Loved Before” was leaked. Swifties were saying Don’t Blame Me, for it might have all been a ruse planned by the Mastermind herself. Swifties have theorized that Taylor might have leaked some of her unreleased songs on “Lover” to see which song fans favored the most. Swift would later release the song Swifties liked the most; which happened to be “All of The Girls You Lived Before”.

Swifties are anticipating the release of Speak Now (Taylor’s Version), and with Ms. Swift releasing a Taylor’s Version song from Speak Now, Fans are left in a Blank Space of wondering what’s next in store for Taylor.

I myself am a Swiftie, and let me tell you that my tears were ricocheting when I heard “All of The Girls You Loved Before”. I am in love. Every Swiftie knows All Too Well that Dr. Taylor Alison Swift has something special up her sleeve.