Mr. Wells vs. Taylor Swift Tuesday


Tuesday, The Mirrorball Day of the Week For 4th hour P.E

Claudia Fisher, Reporter

Taylor Swift. Tuesday. 4th Hour. Gym Class. 7th Grade. Mr. Wells. If any of these  apply to you, you’re in luck. Word on the street is that Mr. Wells has been playing Taylor Swift music almost every Tuesday, ever since first semester. Although Wells is not a Swiftie himself, he honors all of the Swifties in his class.

I can proudly say that I am one of three students who began this tradition. After many, many, weeks of begging, negotiating, and pouting, Mr. Wells finally gave in, and played an entire day of Taylor Swift, on Tuesday. From then on, Mr. Wells has been easily persuaded into playing Taylor Swift.

I spoke with Mr. Wells about whether he enjoyed Taylor Swift Tuesdays (T.S.T) or not, he responded, “Mildly.” He continued, “There were some days where her slow songs were just dragging on during our P.E. Session.” He went on to say, “There were days where ‘oh yeah, I like this song’, but then there were some days like, ‘can we move to a different artist’.” Mr. Wells also stated that he has definitely not become a Swiftie, after giving it some thought. He mentioned that the only reason he is fond of Taylor Swift is because of some of his Swiftie students, and because of his Swiftie daughters.

I also talked with 7th grader Oliva, a Swiftie in Mr. Wells’ current P.E. class. I asked her if she enjoys Taylor Swift Tuesdays, and her answer probably pleases many Swifties, “I love Taylor Swift Tuesdays. They’re probably my favorite day of the week, when I come to P.E.” I asked Oliva what her favorite song played on T.S.T. is, and she responded with “Out of the Woods” or “Clean”, both on the hit album, 1989.

Of course, I had to talk with the other creators of T.S.T, 7th graders Anna and Kaitlyn. They both thoroughly enjoyed T.S.T, and I’m sure many agree. Both girls agreed that All Too Well – 10 Minute Version – (Taylors Version) was their favorite song played during T.S.T. When I asked the girls what they enjoyed about the Tuesdays’ of Taylor, Kaitlyn stated, “I like that Mr. Wells played all Taylor Swift the whole hour.” Anna’s response was, “I like that I got to sing along with my friends.”

The idea itself of playing Taylor Swift on Tuesdays, actually came from STEM Teacher, and Swiftie, Mr. T. After one morning of trying to convince Mr. Wells into playing Taylor, Mr. T overheard, and suggested Taylor Swift Tuesday. Mr. Wells gave it some thought, and Tuesdays became the highlight of (some of) his students’ day.

Despite the fact that Mr. Wells is not a Swiftie, he plays Taylor Swift anyway. Since he was able to compromise on Taylor Swift one day a week only, he suffers through Tuesday to respect his Swfitie students. Deep down everyone is a Swiftie whet

whether you admit it or not, and I have no doubt that the same is true for Mr. Wells. To all of the Swifties in Mr. Wells class now, I have one thing to say; keep Taylor Swift Tuesdays alive!