The Feedback

WMS news board.

WMS news board.

Madelyn Bobby and Norah Perkins

Have you ever read an article on The and thought “I want to see more soccer or basketball.” We wanted to improve our articles to match what you want to see. We asked WMS students about what they want to read about.

Ava 7th grader says she wants to see articles that teachers can get interviewed/share opinions on. “It would be really cool if teachers could get interviewed and students could get to know more about them!”

Elyse 7th grader wants to read about peoples summer plans and what they hope to do, “I think it would be fun to read about.” she explains, “Other people will probably be interested.”

Kenzie 7th grader wants to hear about people’s favorite space to work in their favorite classroom! “I think it would be cool to know people’s favorite classrooms and the reasons why they like them.” she stated, ” I definitely think others would want to read about it!”

Vivian 6th grader and Meg 7th grader agree that people should write more about soccer. “I play soccer.” Vivian said. They both agree that since a lot of people play soccer people would be interested and want to read it.

We are looking forward to new articles! If you have any more ideas leave a comment below!