Have Taylor Swift and Joe Alwyn Called it a Quits?


Is This How Taylor Feels About Joe?

Claudia Fisher, Reporter

The crowd cheers. The anticipation is building up. Taylor Swift is being rolled onto the stage inside of the janitor’s cart. Swifties are in a tizzy. As Taylor awaits the crowd, she sits with her thoughts, and reminisces about her relationship with Joe. Her relationship that no one knows about except Swift and Alwyn. Can Taylor keep it together for her fans?

Taylor Swift and her 6 year long love affair with Joe Alwyn has been rumored to have come to an end. I guess you could say it’s a Sad Beautiful Tragic. The couple, referred to as Toe, has been reported to remain friends, after their splitting up. A source close to Taylor has confirmed the devastating news. Swifties refuse to find Peace with the Delicate announcement. 

Swifties are walking Cornelia Street mourning the loss of their London Boy. It is believed that Taylor changed some of her tour setlist because of her breakup with Joe. She switched Invisible String for The One, which seems ironic since Invisible String is about Alwyn. Fans have also seen Taylor tearing up while performing Champagne Problems, another song written about Alwyn. Nothing is 100% confirmed though, these are only speculations from Swifties.

I spoke with 10th Grader Swfitie, Daphne, to get her opinion on the break up. I asked her how she felt about the whole situation, she responded, “They were truly in love, and I think that the articles just don’t have enough proof to show that they should have broken up.” She continues, “There was nothing that happened between the two of them to give them a reason to break up. They are perfect together, and I don’t think they should have broken up.” Daphne also mentions, in denial, that she thinks Toe is still together.

I also had a chat with 8th Grader Swiftie, Bella. I asked her what her thoughts were about the break up. Bella thinks that Joe cheated on Taylor, so her response was, “I feel that Taylor deserves better, if the rumors are true that she’s been cheated on again, she deserves better.” Bella doesn’t think that Taylor is hiding something, and she believes that the two aren’t secretly together.


In the song “Call it What You Want”, Swift sings

“I want to wear his initial

On a chain ’round my neck, chain ’round my neck

Not because he owns me

But ’cause he really knows me”

After Swift being seen publicly wearing a necklace with the letter “J” on, Swifties are pulling out these lyrics, coming up with theories, and digging themselves a deeper hole of denial. Whether Taylor and Joe actually broke up or not, the news is tearing apart every single swiftie, one by one.

Fans are coming up with any other explanation than a break up. Some Swifties believe that Taylor, the Mastermind, may have planned this out in a way. Fans are convinced that Taylor and Joe didn’t break up, but that they just aren’t boyfriend and girlfriend anymore. You may be wondering how this could be possible. Well, Swifties think that Joe and Taylor might have gotten engaged, and that’s why Taylor is letting everyone believe they broke up. Who knows? It might be just another diabolical set up from Swift.

Even though Swift wants to stay in the Lavender Haze with Alwyn, they both appear to have came to the conclusion that they are better off as friends. Many Swifties are in a state of denial, and strongly disagree with this fact. It has been speculated that the main reason Toe split was because of personality differences, but no one knows for sure.

Although the relationship of Toe might no longer be the Endgame Swifties wanted, Taylor and Joe will remain on good terms regardless. Alwyn was the King of Taylor’s Heart, but now for Taylor, it must be Nice to Have a Friend like Joe, given that the Lover’s are no longer fraternizing with each other.

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