What Is The Best Ice Cream Place in the Plymouth-Canton Area?


Sam McMann and Nate Millen

Dairy Queen has good ice cream but this time it was not enough.

Dairy King 

When you arrive you can choose to go inside or outside to order. You can almost taste the ice cream while you are waiting. The service is amazing. Everyone working is very kind. When you get your ice cream It tastes so good. Good portions for the ice cream sizes. The presentation was really good. There is never anything in the ice cream that isn’t supposed to be here. We are giving DK a 9.3 because the menu could be a bit bigger and better and if they made the presentation a bit fancier. 

Menu 9/10    Ice Cream 10/10     Presentation 9/10  Overall  9.3/10

Dairy Go-Round

When you arrive it is busy, but there are 2 lines so you get your ice cream fast. Everybody is laughing with their family and having fun. The first thing you notice is how big the menu is. There are so many options to choose from but they all taste so good you will not regret what you picked. The ice cream was the perfect size and tasted amazing. Unfortunately sometimes other stuff gets in your mud because it was on the machines. But the mood is really good when you are there. Dairy Go-Round  could have gotten a 10 if the ice cream was smoother and if they had more options on the menu. Lastly, the looks of the ice cream could be better. The scoops in the cup were messy and it looks like they made it with little to no effort.

Ice cream 9/10  Menu 9/10  Presentation 9/10  overall 9/10 

Dairy Queen

As soon as you walk in, Dairy Queen is busy. You can smell the delicious ice cream as soon as you walk through the door. First, you see lots of ice cream cakes to your right. You then look up and see a pretty small menu. They have blizzards, shakes, sundaes, and soft serve. They don’t have a ton of choices. The ice cream was meh. The chocolate ice cream and oreos overpowered the marshmallow syrup. It was a ton of chocolate but tasted decent. The presentation was amazing with the signature ice cream flip. We gave DQ a 8.3/10  because the menu is really small and the ice cream could taste fresher.

Menu 7/10       Ice Cream 8/10     Presentation 10/10    Overall 8.3/10

Pretty good but not the best.