Favorite Snack Opinions at West


West’s fav snacks 

West students only have 3 minutes left to eat lunch. That’s not enough time to eat a sandwich. What should West students do? Eat a snack of course!

West Middle School students love to snack. If you ever want to try something new here are some student’s opinions on their favorite snack.

 Audrey Emmons and Ainsley Bright say that their favorite snack is Goldfish, “There are many flavors, and they’re really good!” Audrey states. Audrey comments that her favorite flavor Goldfish is the “Micky Mouse limited edition” and Ainsley says her favorite flavor is the Original.

Stella Stotz insists that the best snack is fruit snacks, “They come in different flavors and you can eat them on the go.” Stella adds. “My favorite flavor are the red ones. They are soft and chewy.” Stella shares.

Leila Gatmaitan loves high chews, “There are so many flavors!” She comments. Leila doesn’t have a favorite flavor she loves all of them!

Sylvia Ditmar declares her favorite snack is apples. “They just taste good!” Sylvie expresses. Her favorite flavor of apples is “Honey Crisp.” 

Stella Sweet’s favorite snack is yogurt. “I like the packs where you put things inside the yogurt,” Stella says.

Kellan Clark and Jack Roehl both like Cheez-its, “They are salty, yummy, and the cheesiest.” He says.

These are just a few of West Middle School students’ favorite snacks. What’s yours?


By: Juliet Jakubik credit-(Audrey Emmons thanks for the topic idea!)