Blooket has Conquered Kahoot!

Blooket has Conquered Kahoot!

Kamryn Rocha and Elaina Barber

Kahoot has been the top hit for students… until 2018 when Blooket launched! Students slowly discovered Booklet and its fun features. West students have mixed opinions on which studying website is better. Instead of using quizlet or boring notecards, Blooket and Kahoot are very fun ways of studying for important quizzes or tests. 

6th grader, Daphne, prefers Blooket, “I like blooket more because it is interactive. There are a lot better characters and it is more entertaining because there are different game modes and it isn’t just clicking an answer for points.” 

Blooket has 15 different game modes: Gold quest, Crypto hack, Fishing frenzy, tower defense 1 and 2, monster brawl, deceptive dinos, battle royale, cafe, factory, racing, blook rush, crazy kingdom, tower of doom, and original. Most students favor crypto hack.

7th grader, Oliva, prefers Blooket, “Blooket on top! Blooket’s way more fun with the characters. I also like it better because you can play different versions of it and there’s a bunch of different game modes. I don’t have a favorite but I do like some game modes more than others.”

7th grader, Ellie, prefers Blooket, “I like Blooket more because it’s more interactive and you can play different games. And you also have better characters.”

7th grader, Bridget, likes Blooket more, “I like Blooket because it has way more games to play. It is more fun to play because people get more excited when it is blooket. I grew up with Kahoot and overtime I just got bored of it.”

Kahoot overtook Blooket because of the entertainment factor. Students got bored of the basic  method with a question and 4 answers. Students found Blooket and immediately fell in love. With different 15 game modes they could never get bored, and that is when Kahoot started fading away.

7th grader, Celine, prefers Kahoot, “I like Kahoot more because I’ve been playing it longer and I’m a lot more used to it. It’s more original and I don’t really care for Blooket.” she also states, “Blooket is fun but I feel like more and more teachers are over using it and kahoot is just my go to.”

After seeing students’ opinions on this topic, most people prefer blooket. What do you prefer?