Trying Weird Pregnancy Cravings!

Mrs.Horvath looks for food in the staff lounge fridge.

Mrs.Horvath looks for food in the staff lounge fridge.

Madelyn Bobby and Norah Perkins

Have you ever craved candy or chips? But how about weird cravings? We wanted to know what the weirdest pregnancy cravings are and then try them.

Pizza dipped in frosting 2/10

When you took a bite it tasted like normal pizza but as you chewed the frosting got more incorporated and made the pizza taste sweet. The cheese ended up tasting rotten.

Strawberries with Gusher Fruit snacks inside 7/10

There was more strawberry than fruit snack so you end up eating the strawberry first then after you eat the fruit snack. The two didn’t clash but it wasn’t the best snack.

Lemon juice on hot Cheetos 3/10

It tasted like Clorox. The lemon juice and the spices on the Cheeto ended up just tasting like chemicals but didn’t end up being too spicy or sour.

Marshmallow fluff on cheese nachos -100/10

As soon as you take a bite, the marshmallow’s sweetness hits. It overpowered the chip and cheese. We ended up spitting it out.

Dry cake mix 8/10

You couldn’t really taste it until it was wet inside your mouth. The dry texture wasn’t pleasant but the taste was good.

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