What Makes a Good Friend?


2 friends walking in upper B wing

Madelyn Bobby and Norah Perkins

What makes a good friend? Their personality? Their traits? We took WMS girls’ opinions on this topic and got their true feelings about it.

Meghan WMS 7th grader shares her opinion on this topic, “A good friend is someone who is honest, trustworthy and loyal. What a friend really shouldn’t do is go after your ex, that’s the biggest red flag for me.”

Audrey WMS 7th grader discussed her wants in a friend, “I think a good friend is funny, trustworthy and loyal. I think the biggest red flag is when they talk bad about you behind your back.”

WMS 7th grader Stella shared her point of view on this topic, “Trustworthy, always there for you and having a good personality are things that should be in a good friend. When they lie, that’s a really big red flag for me.”

Oliva WMS 7th grade stated, “I think a friend should be trustworthy, funny and they should treat you how you want to be treated. I think the biggest red flag in a friend is when they choose a boy over you.”

Making new friends can be hard, but stay on the lookout for these traits and maybe you can find a true friend!