How To Change a Tire

Hassan Habhab, reporter

  1. First  You must locate the spare tire; this will be under the bed if you have a pickup truck or under a cover in the trunk if you have an SUV or sedan. 
  2. Then you must take the jack and the turning tool next to the jack placed next to the spear tire, along with the ratchet next to the jack. 
  3. You take the jack and place it under one of the many jack points under your car. This is usually any piece of metal on the undercarriage of the vehicle.
  4. Once you place the jack, you will use the included windup tool to raise the jack by turning it clockwise.
  5. Once the car is in the air, you will now take the ratchet and break every lug nut loose on the tire.
  6. After breaking all the lug nuts loose, you will unscrew every nut and remove the tire. 
  7. After removing the tire, the brake disk caliper and pads should be visible. This is normal and means you are doing the process correctly. 
  8. Now take the spear tire out of the compartment next to the jack and wrench. 
  9. After removing the tire, place the tire on the studs sticking out of the brake rotor. Now use your hands to thread every lug on. Only go for about two turns of the lug nuts. 
  10. Now you will use the wrench to tighten the lug nuts in a star pattern so the tire is placed correctly. Make sure every lug is turned down correctly. 
  11. Lay the car down by turning the jack counterclockwise. 
  12. Now take all the tools and return them to the space they came out of, along with putting the old tire in the trunk of the vehicle.