Canton Cup 2023-May 26-28!


Alex Sarkesian , reporter

The Canton Cup is an annual soccer tournament with approximately 500 teams and 120 clubs participating over a range of all age groups. The Canton Cup this year is from Friday, May 26th to Sunday, May 28th. This Canton Cup will be the 40th annual tournament.

Teams are guaranteed to play 3 games with the max games you can play being 5 games if you make the finals. Teams not only come from Michigan but they come from many other places such as Canada, Illinois,  Ohio and Indiana. Game formats include 4v4, 7v7, 9v9 and 11v11. Your team will play in a competitive division equal to your team’s own ability to try and make the finals.

Once you walk onto the field, you realize how big the tournament actually is. Right when you get into the parking lot, you can see over 20 games being played at once. There are also many food trucks working the entire day serving soccer players. The Canton Cup is truly a great experience.

The Canton Cup will be hosted at 5 different places. There will be 25 fields at the tournament’s headquarters, Independence Park and there will be 65 fields in total throughout the 5 different places.

West Student and Canton Cup participant, Sam McMann says “I really like the Canton Cup, I like how you get to play different teams from all over the place and I also like how you can hang out with your friends while there.”

The Canton Cup is one of the largest Midwest soccer tournaments. It is also an amazing experience no matter if you win or lose. Leave a comment below if you are playing in the Canton Cup and what you think about it.