Mother’s Day Gift Ideas


Flowers outside the counselors office at WMS

Moms do a lot for us, we take the time to really appreciate them on Mother’s Day which is Sunday, May 14th. It can be difficult trying to figure out what your mom likes so we asked a couple of WMS students and staff what they think would be good Mother’s Day gifts this year.

Brianna WMS 7th grader states that candy would be a nice little gift, “Candy from the dollar store, it’s kind and affordable. Everyone likes it.” If your mom has a sweet tooth, be sure to get her some candy!

Kamryn and Kaydence WMS 7th graders share their opinion, “Flowers from a place like Kroger would be nice. They are affordable and pretty.”

Maylin WMS 7th grader discussed her ideas,” I might get my mom skincare from Ulta or Sephora or shoes.” We think this is a very good self-care option and you can easily visit these stores.

Mia WMS 7th grader said, “Shoes from DSW or Nike, a homemade card or Pajamas from Nordstrom.” This would be the ultimate fashion gift but could end up being a little pricey!

Amelia WMS 7th grader announced, “Probably jewelry from Amazon.” This is also a very affordable and nice option.

Audrey WMS 7th grader said, “Joggers from Lululemon.” This gift is a little bit more pricey but is a very good gift if your mom is active or moving a lot.

Oliva shared that she would buy, “Perfume or makeup.” This is a simple gift if you just want to get your mom something small!

Mother and teacher Mrs. Bazzi replied, “I need more bookmarks and I would also like Amazon gift cards or a Spa gift card.”

Teacher and mom Mrs.Bridges asked for “Breakfast with my family then the rest of the day to myself to read.”

Nick WMS 7th grader said, “I’ll probably get my mom flowers, chocolate, and I’ll make her a card.” This is a very thoughtful and heartwarming gift that every mom would enjoy. Mrs. Hayes, don’t read this! 🙂

After everything moms do for us, the least we can do is make them or buy them a Mother’s Day gift. What are you planning to buy your mom for Mother’s day?