Mrs. Kulczycki will follow her passion back in to the classroom.


Addison Fisette, reporter

Mrs. Kulczycki Recently announced she will not be our assistant principal in the 2023-2024 school year and I have more intel on the topic.She will be teaching social studies at Pioneer Middle School next school year. 

Mrs. Kulczycki will still be working at a school, but not West. She explained that she will miss her time as a vice principal at West, as well as miss getting to roam the halls and help kids one-on-one.

Mrs. Kulczycki has been working at West for the past  5 years. Her oldest son is conveniently entering middle school at Pioneer next year.

Mrs. Kulczycki has missed her time in the classroom. She expressed that she missed the feeling of making lesson plans and teaching kids, and that she will also miss West and being assistant principal.

We know that the students at West will miss her dearly, as well as the teachers. However, everyone is excited for her to finish her story as a teacher and for her to do the things she loves and to follow her passion. 

We hope that all goes great for here at Pioneer. Thank you Miss Kulczycki for being a great assistant principal and helping students. We will all miss you greatly.