Summer Vacation Spots!

Summer Vacation Spots!

Summer is around the corner, which means no school for around 2½ months! So, now we have more vacation time! People take vacations with their friends or family! Sometimes, there are families that take yearly vacations! They may go on multiple vacations, one vacation, or they don’t take a vacation at all! All are perfectly fine because there are fun places in Michigan as well! If you do travel, this article is for you.

1- Florida: Florida is a tropical place with astonishing weather! Florida is known for its high temperatures but Florida is also known to be very rainy at times. Usually people travel here for vacations because of how many beaches there are! Florida has beaches such as Cocoa Beach, Miami Beach, Clearwater Beach, Siesta Beach, Daytona Beach, Panama City Beach, Palm Beach, and so much more! All of the beaches are super clean and nice, the water is usually clear; then the water progressively gets darker the further out you get in the depth of the water which is totally normal and usually happens at most locations! Although Florida is a very nice state, there are a few cons. The 3 main cons of Florida are how hot the weather can be, and that the weather changes so quickly. You could be at the beach in 80 degree weather, then it changes to a total rainstorm and then stops after 7 minutes. The last and worst con, the shark attacks. Florida is the most common place for shark attacks. Although you may not hear about shark attacks often, that doesn’t mean they still happen. Not every shark attack will be documented and posted online. Florida and other locations are just so big that not everything is known about.

2- New York City: New York City (NYC): NYC is known for many things, but is mostly known for its artistic prowess and the talent it is home to. It is also home to many museums and famous artworks. When visiting NYC, you shouldnt be surprised when you see some beautiful things. NYC has the unique ability to cater everybody’s interests which is why it is such a common vacation spot. NYC gets at least 60 million visitors every year. Of course, every luxury has cons. Some cons of NYC is that it is the most densely populated city in the world. This means that NYC has a lot of traffic and you will be late to a lot of events. Another con is that you will want to bundle up for the freezing winters. During winter, you can expect the temperature to reach a high of 43 degrees Fahrenheit while nightly temperatures drop below freezing. NYC is also known for getting 30 inches of snow during the winter season.

3- North Carolina: North Carolina. North Carolina is known for its gorgeous sightseeing places. North Carolina is surrounded by mountain ranges. These mountain ranges are the Appalachian mountains, the west, the central Piedmont Plateau, and the eastern Atlantic coastal plain. North Carolina also has 332 miles of shoreline, with 32 beaches. One of the most popular beaches in North Carolina is Cape Hatteras National Seashore. The Seashore of Cape Hatteras stretches over 70 miles covering 30,000 acres of land. Cape Hatteras is located in the Outer Banks of North Carolina, a popular place to visit with tons of shops and restaurants.

Now you know some fun places, and vacation spots. Have you been to these places? If so, comment more fun things about them!