USC and UCLA are Joining the big 10 and it’s a bad idea.


Campbell Nicholson

On August 2nd, 2024, the colleges USC and UCLA will be joining the BIG 10 Conference. I think that this is a bad idea.


This is a bad idea for many reasons. One of my reasons is that UCLA and USC are both located in California. The BIG 10 is a midwestern division with teams in states such as Michigan, Ohio, Illinois, Iowa, Indiana, Minnesota, Wisconsin, Pennsylvania, ect… Now all of these teams have to fly all the way to California to play a conference game.


This is also a bad idea because it doesn’t add anything that other teams don’t already have. The BIG 10 already has skilled colleges in every sport and we don’t need more. For example, MSU is always good at basketball, OSU and Michigan are always good at football, and Wisconsin is always good at hockey. 


They aren’t adding any good rivalries either. The BIG 10 is known for each team being somewhat rivals with every other team. The athletes alway play their hearts out when playing in conference games, and I feel that they wouldn’t have the same motivation against the new states.


We asked 7th grader Sam about this. Sam said, “I think that it was a bad idea because it makes no sense for a team in Michigan to play a team in California in their conference. I also think that it’s bad for viewing because if someone in Michigan wants to watch a game in California it would be later at night.” 

Let me know what you think about this.