What is the Michigan State Cup?


Sam McMann and Alex Sarkesian

The Michigan State Cup soccer tournament is underway. Michigan youth boys and girls soccer teams compete to be the best in the state. 

The Michigan State Cup has 4 distinct rounds. First there is the preliminary games, quarter finals, semifinal round, and finals round. In order to make it past the Preliminary games, you have to be the best in your division. Then for the next rounds, teams  just have to keep winning. The quarter finals and semifinals take place in Saginaw. 

Owen Covino, State Cup participant and Plymouth Reign player, says” I’m happy and excited we made it to the Quarter Finals but we have to now focus on making it to the Semifinals and I think we can maybe make it to the next round.”

Nick Hayes, State Cup Participant and Plymouth Reign player, says, ” I’m excited we made it to the Quarter Finals and I do think that our team can win and advance to the Semifinals.”

Sam plays for DCFC and his team also made it to the quarterfinals. 

The State Cup is a great opportunity to see how your team does against other teams.The State Cup also helps teams to get better chemistry and it helps players and teams get better at soccer in general. The State Cup overall is a fun and great tournament. 

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