How to Mow the Lawn

Hassan Habhab, reporter

Mowing the lawn is a common chore for teens. If you were looking to make some extra cash this summer, think about mowing your neighbor’s lawns. It can be a lot of work, but for the right price, it is doable. Things like blade height, fuel oil, and technique are all important factors when mowing a lawn.

  1. First, you must fill your lawn mower with gas. This should be 87-octane gas.

  2. Adjusting blade height: this height will vary depending on where you live, but most people will set it at 3–4 inches.

  3. Next, make sure your mower has a significant amount of oil. You can check this by using the dipstick located next to the engine.

  4. Now you will start the lawn mower. If you have a ride-on mower, you will press in the brake or clutch and turn the key with the mower in neutral and the blade disengaged. If you have a push mower, prime the fuel with the primer ball on the side of the engine for about 6 clicks after pulling the pull start while holding the blade engaged.

  5. Now push or drive the mower on top of the line of uneven grass and go around trees and other landscape pieces in the yard. Happy mowing!