Canton Chiefs No More?

Canton HS current logo.

Canton HS current logo.

Madelyn Bobby and Norah Perkins

There has been a proposal made by the students at the Park; the Canton High School mascot might be changing.

The Canton “Chiefs” mascot has been the mascot since the school opened in 1972. The mascot name has remained the same for the past 51 years. It was around 2005, when a proposal was made to change the logo from a Native American Chief to an arrowhead. The decision to change the mascot is very controversial amongst the Plymouth-Canton Community and PCCS students and staff are passionate about the topic.

Mr. Smiley, a former Canton teacher shares his opinion on whether it should change, “I’m torn, since Canton has opened, the mascot has been the Chiefs and I like tradition. But some people think the mascot is offensive, no one should think their mascot is offensive.” He said, “If the mascot was to be changed, I think the cobras could fit.”

Mrs. Davies, a former Park teacher, talks about her point of view, “I have concerns that the name and logo are taking traditions from Native Americans without their consent or any sort of acknowledgement about learning about the meaning behind the photo and name. I think it would be different if PCCS was in collaboration with Native American communities, but we aren’t.  I think there are many other options that aren’t offensive to anyone.” She said, “If it is changed, some people will be happy but some people will also be angry.” She then shared her opinion on what it could be changed too,”I think it would be cool to see what students come up with. So far I like the cougars.”

Mr. Majszak a former Canton Chief said, “I do not think the [logo] is offensive, it is currently an arrowhead which is a tool, it is not a living thing, it is an object. Changing the Mascot would break tradition and would require a lot of change.” He also added on, “If it was to change I think the Canton Coyotes would be fun.”

Graham WMS 8th grader spoke up about what he thinks, “The change of the mascot could be good but could affect the school, a lot of things in the school are red and changing the mascot would require the school to reconstruct some things.”

Maya WMS 7th grader said, “I think if people think the mascot is offensive it should change, no one should be hurt by a mascot.” She adds on, “If it was to change, maybe the Canton Cranes could fit.”

We agree with everyone. The controversy of this topic has created problems for years, first around 2005, later in 2019 and now. Students have made presentations about how it was offensive and one student even reached out to Native American tribes. The tribes thought it was offensive, so it should be changed right? Well, others think it would cause a lot of the PCCS budget to go to rebranding the school such as spirit wear, signs and more. Some people just want to change the picture and maybe rebrand as fire chiefs. It seems no matter what we do, changing the mascot will always be controversial. So should we change it?