Should the positivity project make a comeback?


Elaina Barber and Kamryn Rocha

Students have recently been complaining about primetime, and that it should be used for homework, time to study, and to socialize with their friends. Teachers in West like how primetime is now being used, but students get bored by just reading. A lot of students at West don’t even read and find ways to talk to their friends anyway, but get yelled at. We interviewed some students on what they would change about primetime.

7th grader, Anna, states “I don’t like it because a lot of students have a lot of work to do, and primetime is the perfect time because it is 30 minutes of silent work. I think kids should have the option to read or do work so that it’s fair.”

7th grader, Derrick, doesn’t like primetime either. “I think primetime should change because right now we are only reading for 30 minutes and most of the time nobody reads. I would rather use the time to talk and do other work and it is just boring now.”

6th grader, Alexis, is not a big fan of primetime. “I don’t really like primetime. I would rather be able to use our computers. I would want to use my computer to play games as long as we’re quiet. I would also use my computer for homework, but if you don’t need it for homework you could play a game or do your paper homework.”

7th grader, Ellie, does not like primetime. “I think we should just do homework and communicate with friends. I don’t like it now because it’s just reading; who likes reading? Reading just isn’t fun and I don’t get to socialize.”

7th grader, Brianna, continues on how she does not like primetime either. “We’re not allowed to do homework and if we didn’t have primetime we could get out of school earlier. Some classes have the ability to do homework because their teachers let them, but not all classes can. I think primetime should be like a core class and they all function the same. The teacher you have in primetime shouldn’t matter, they should all operate the same way.”

6th grader, Sam, wants to change primetime. “I would change everything about primetime, I just don’t like it. My teacher right now only lets us work on Wednesday which is unfair because I have work everyday and I need more time to do it because I don’t have time at home.”

7th grader, Tessa, wants the positivity project back. “ I think they should let more students be on their computers or do homework because it is kind of boring right now. Last year we had other things like the positivity project and I think that made it better.”

Prime Time last year had the positivity project. The positivity project was something that was in all of primetime classes and focused on different things every week. The positivity project was a mission to teach kids meanings of new and more positive personality traits and perspectives to have.

Should the positivity project make a comeback and make WMS primetime more fun? Or should we just have the same schedule with reading?