4th Quarter’s STEM-sational Shoes

Claudia Fisher, Reporter

“Snap” “Flash” “Flash” “Snap” the imaginary cameras are going off as the 7th grade STEM students walk down the “runway” to show off their spiffy new shoes.

The 7th grade STEM classes have just wrapped up their shoe project for the quarter. In my opinion there are some pretty wacky and amazing designs. I wanted to get the inside scoop on the different shoes.

Aynsley and Cara’s Shoes

I first talked with Aynsley and Cara about their fashionable Ughs. I know I spelled Uggs wrong, but this groups Ughs were so comfortable, you can’t help but say ugh. I asked them how they came up with their idea. Aynsley responded for the both of them, “My sister had just gotten Uggs, so it was between Uggs and Converse”

Amelia, Viv, Audrey, and Sophia’s Shoes

I chatted with Amelia, Viv, Audrey, and Sophia about their beautiful Black Birks. Audrey responded for the group, “We didn’t have the right materials for the original plan that we had, so then we decided to make sandals”

Ryan, Nino, Kaydence, and Ayva’s Shoes

I spoke with Ryan, Nino, Ayva, and Kaydence about their fantabulous Ground Jordans. I asked them what they liked about the shoe project, Ayva responded for the group, “It was interesting and it took a lot of teamwork.”

Gavin, Jeffrey, and Michael’s Shoes

I talked with Gavin (Stone), Jeffrey, and Michael about their fashion famous Wing Shoes. I asked them what they liked about the shoe project, Gavin responded, “I liked that we got to choose our groups, and it was just a really fun way to express our thinking.” Jeffrey responded, “I liked that we got to do whatever we want and work with our group. It had a lot of flexibility.” Michael expressed the idea for the group’s shoes, “We came up with the idea for our shoes from the Greek God Hermes, who is the God of the Merchants and Roads, we just really liked how those shoes looked.”

Melina, Max, and Ryosei’s Shoes

I spoke with Melina, Max, and Ryosei about their popping and locking Foot Shoe. I asked them how they came up with the idea for their shoes. Max responded for the group, “How we came up with the idea for our shoes was we thought it would be an interesting idea.”

Nate and Gavin’s Shoes

I chatted with Nate and Gavin (Strand) about their blissful Cloud Shoes. I asked them how they came up with the idea for their shoes. Gavin answered for the two, “We decided on what we wanted by  looking up ideas on the internet, and figuring it out from there.”

After seeing all of these amazing shoes, I think they all deserve to win. The thought process behind all of these shoes is very creative and interesting to hear. I would definitely consider wearing these shoes for various events. Aside from who won and who didn’t, I think the learning experience is much more important for kids our age. Congrats to the winners, by votes, Cara and Aynsley!