A MARVEL-ous Movie With MARVEL-ing Reviews


Guardians of the Galaxy Movie Poster

Claudia Fisher, Reporter

Are you a MARVEL fan? Do you like movies? Are you looking for a movie to watch? Do you like action movies? Sad movies? Space movies? Eating popcorn? Crying? Well, then I have the perfect movie for you. 

Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 3 is out now, and if any of the above suits you, then this just might be the perfect movie for you.

In order to give you a better understanding of this movie with no spoilers, I have put together some interviews from staff/students at West who have seen this outstanding movie. Once again, I can assure you that there will be no spoilers in the following interviews.

I talked with 6th grade science teacher, and MARVEL fan, Mr. Fisher. I asked him for his overall rating on the movie out of ten, and why, “I’d rate it an 8/10. It’s an amazing movie, but it’s kind of like Toy Story 3 where the emotional aspect of it just makes it not one that I’m gonna go watch over and over again” He continues, “There are a couple of character things that just bothered me personally because I’ve been a fan of this group of characters sense the comics came out.” He mentions, “Overall, it was a great movie. One of the best out of the most recent movies, and I really enjoyed it.”

I then talked with 7th grade MARVEL fan, Harper. I asked her for her overall rating on the movie out of ten and why, “My overall rating of the movie, out of ten, would probably be a 9/10. It was really good. There were sad parts, which made me bring it down one.” 

I spoke with 6th grade MARVEL fan, T.J. I asked him for his overall rating on the movie out of ten and why, “My overall would be a 10/10. It’s the best MARVEL movie in a while, and I recommend any MARVEL fan to see it.”

These are just a few of the reasons why YOU should go see Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 3. If you want my opinions, I would say that this movie is definitely worth your time. You will experience all of your different emotions in the best and worst ways. This movie has a fantastic plot, and you never get bored while watching. This movie wasn’t too funny, but it also wasn’t too dull; the humor was balanced out. It was perfect.

If you’re looking for a good cry and a good laugh, I highly recommend this movie. Overall I would rate this movie a 10/10. It was one of the best movies MARVEL has produced in a little while in my opinion.

Why are you still reading? Go watch the movie already! Go! Go!