PCCS Middle School Dance Team Tryouts!


PCCS 2022-23 season dance team

Madelyn Bobby and Norah Perkins

The second year for PCCS Middle School Dance Team is approaching. We had a blast last year on the team and can’t wait for this season. PCCS Middle School Dance Team is for 6-8th graders and is a team of about 15 people, depending on who they pick. The team goes to about 4 regional competitions to compete a lyrical piece. There is a lot of hard work and practice put into the dance team. Whenever we aren’t rehearsing our piece, our coaches drill us on technique like turns, feet, legs, jumps and other skills. The first year for the middle school team was last year and it was an honor to be on the first PCCS Middle School Dance Team ever!

Brianna is trying out for the PCCS Dance Team for the first time, here is how she feels,”I’m very excited to try out for PCCS. I’m also excited to dance with school friends and meet the PCEP dance coaches. I’m a little nervous but mostly just excited!”

Lexie was on the PCCS dance team last year, “I’m excited to try out, and if I make it [to] go to camp since we couldn’t go last year. I’m a little nervous but excited!”

Lauren, PCCS Dance Team Coach expresses her feelings for this upcoming season, “I’m really excited to see what the team looks like this year. I’m also really excited to have a year of growth as a team and individually.” Lauren then states that she has no doubts, “Overall I’m beyond excited and have no doubts for this season!”

Dance team is an overall fun experience and a great opportunity. We know we definitely can’t wait for what’s to come this year. There is a dance clinic June 2 and June 5. Tryouts are on June 11.