BREAKOUTS!! What Is A Breakout?


Isla Jones and Brianna Stasa

Do you ever find yourself with some extra free time in class, but you’re not sure what to do?

Well, is the perfect place to go when you’re looking for something fun and slightly challenging!

What is a breakout?                                                                                                                                                                                                       is a website that provides fun, online escape rooms. They’re called breakouts! Each breakout starts with a short story to give you some context about what you’re trying to break out of. Some of the stories hint subtle clues that can help you at specific points when you’re trying to break out. Sometimes the breakouts can be quite difficult to figure out, while other times, hints can give you the answer in a second!

After you read the short story, you begin the breakout. Some breakouts have a clue on the second page along with the main image. The image and possible clue provide instructions, directions, important information, etc. To breakout, you have to figure out one of the 5 things. Colors, numbers, letters, shapes, or arrow directions. Each breakout has a code you must figure out. But no matter what, you’ll only ever have to figure out 1 of the 5 codes. 

For example, if you had to figure out a specific number to breakout, there may be clues in the image that is provided, that may give you numbers you must add/subtract, or put in a specific order. Another example would be if you had to figure out shapes to breakout, there might be clues of different shapes on people, animals, objects, or you might have the shapes given to you, but you have to figure out what order they go in. 

There are so many different breakouts for you to choose from. A lot of times when a holiday, celebration, or specific season/month is coming up, the breakouts are often themed to fit the colors, traditions, or sayings of/that are seen with that holiday, month/season, or celebration. 

For example, when St. Patrick’s Day was coming up, many of the breakouts were St.Patrick’s Day themed, with gnomes, clovers, lots of green, etc. 

Breakouts are also so much fun to solve with a friend. Brianna and I (Isla) enjoy using our free time to work together on breakouts, and usually when we are having trouble figuring out a breakout alone, we can ask the other for help and work together to crack the code! 

“Locks Of The Day”                                                                                                                                                                                                                                     If you had 21st Century skills in 6th grade, you’ve probably done a breakout before. But sometimes your options are limited, like if your teacher only assigned you 1 or 2 a day. To get the full access and experience, you can ask a teacher for a class code, and that will allow you to access something called “Locks Of The Day”. 

Basically, each day a new “Lock Of The Day” is posted for you to solve. You are also able to access the locks from the previous days, weeks, and months, and I know I enjoy being able to do as many locks as I want, with a new lock to solve every single day! If you successfully breakout of all the locks for the week, you’re considered a “Lockstar”! 

Breakouts are a fun way to kill some time, while also gaining problem solving skills, complex thinking skills, and more! Hopefully you’ll check out, and enjoy solving them as much as we do!