The 2023 Premier League season is not quite over but a champion has already been crowned!

Premier League website

Premier League website

Sam McMann and Alex Sarkesian

Manchester City has won the Premier League after Arsenal’s 1-0 loss to Nottingham Forest on Saturday, May 20th.  

Erling Haaland was the backbone of the Man City squad after breaking the Premier League scoring record. He had 36 goals and 7 assists in the 34 games he has played in. Kevin De Bryune had the most assists in the league with 16 and added on another 7 goals. This is Man City’s 7th Premier League title overall and is their 3rd straight title. 

The Standings were this going into the last week:

  1. Man City  
  2. Arsenal   
  3. Newcastle United  
  4. Man United     
  5. Liverpool     
  6. Brighton
  7. Aston Villa
  8. Tottenham
  9. Brentford
  1. Fulham

West 7th grader, Liam says” I’m really happy for Man City and I think they deserve their success but I was really hoping that Southampton would win because they are my favorite team. I like them because of my favorite player Alex McCarthy.”

West student Owen said “I’m happy because that means Arsenal’s season was just as worthless as Chelsea’s. My favorite team is Chelsea because London is blue.”

No matter what team you wanted to win, it was a great season. Comment what your favorite team in the Premier League is.