WMS Baby Birds Hatch!


Desk and tape protecting baby birds at WMS soccer field.

Madelyn Bobby and Norah Perkins

When spring comes around, so do the birds. Michigan birds fly to warmer areas during the winter hoping to seek out better resources such as food and fly back during spring to have babies. Most birds like to make nests with sticks and grass high up in trees away from predators but killdeer birds prefer plowed lands such as fields. This year a killdeer bird chose the WMS soccer field as a nesting ground.

Teachers have taken precautions to protect this nest such as placing tape and a desk around the birds. But the baby birds just hatched this week. Now the teacher’s precautions may not work because the baby birds can run around. Teachers are worried someone might step on them! The birds will be running around for about 25 days before they can fly so when you go out to recess try to steer clear of baby birds!