The Eras Tour Special Song Predictions


Lyrics to Some of the Predictions

Claudia Fisher, Reporter



“It’s been a long time coming…..It’s fearless…..Big reputation……and they said speak now……Into Folklore…..My name is Taylor, and I was born in 1989!…..Evermore……Loving him was RED…. R-e-e-e-d R-e-e-e-d…..Meet me at Midnight….Lover… NICE!…. Lover… It’s been a long time coming but…”

The countdown is on…Taylor Swift is coming to Detroit for the Eras Tour on June 9-10th; and this slope is Treacherous for many Swifties along the way. It’s a matter of making friendship bracelets, finding outfits, figuring out parking, and even guessing the special songs!

It will be a wild night in Detroit June 9th. There will be a Tigers game at 6:40 pm (with a firework show right after), The Eras Tour at 6:30 pm at Ford Field, Six the Musical at the Fisher Theatre, the Detroit Symphony Orchestra has a show, K Flay & Grandson is at 6 pm at the Andrew Hall, and Two Friends at 7 pm at The Fillmore. Detroit isn’t that big of a city, so make sure to get there early for any of these events.

As all Swifties know, Swift has been playing two secret/special songs at each show of the Eras Tour. This song will be acoustic, played on either the guitar or piano. Once a song is played, it will not be played again at any show, unless Taylor messes up.

Swifties have been conspiring, planning, and procrastinating the special songs that will be played at their show. I wanted to do my own version of that; so I gathered some Swifties going to the Detroit shows to see what their predictions are for nights 1 and 2 in Detroit.

I asked each person I talked to the same question. “What are your predictions for nights one and two in Detroit”, and “What do you hope Taylor plays at your show?”

6th grade Swiftie, Daphne, stated “I think she might play something from Speak Now. I hope she plays something from Reputation.”

7th grade Swiftie, Anna, responded, “I think that either she’s going to play Getaway Car because of Motor City, and also ME! Because it’s going to be pride month when she comes to Detroit.” She continues, “I hope she plays No Body, No Crime because I like the song. I also hope that she plays any available song from Lover because Lover is my favorite album.”

6th grade Swiftie MacK answered, “I think she’s gonna play a song from one of her Debut album, and maybe something from Midnights. I feel like she might play something like that. If she doesn’t play these in the main concert, I hope she plays Don’t Blame Me or You’re on Your Own Kid (YOYOK).” Unfortunately, YOYOK has already been played as a special song, which was a very devastating loss.

7th grade Swifties Harper, Emma, and Aynsley, answered this question too. Emma and Aynsley agreed, “I think she’s going to play Getaway Car, and I hope that she plays All of The Girls You Loved Before” Harper answers differently, “I really want her to play Vigilante —-, even though I already know she is.” Harper also wishes that Taylor could play Our Song, but unfortunately, that was played as a special song already.

7th grade Swiftie, Chloey, responded, “I predict that she is going to sing Getaway Car, and I hope that she plays Red and Getaway Car.”

I have some predictions of my own. I think that Miss Swift will play The Lakes, London Boy, and King of My Heart. I have a reason for each of these songs as well. The Lakes: We are the Great Lakes state. London Boy/King of My Heart: They both mention Motown. 

The loss of Getaway Car in New Jersey Night One was a very devastating loss for many Swifties; especially Detroit Swifties due to the fact that we are Motor City.

All of these predictions are great. Let me know what you think Taylor will play in Detroit.