All about the 7th grade Bowling trip


Nate Millen, reporter

The West 7th graders are going bowling for the end of year field trip. They are going to the Superbowl bowling alley and will bowl for 2 hours and get pizza and soda. Forms for bowling groups were due to Mr. Majszak last Friday.

According to Mr.Majszak, “The arcade and the snack bar will be open for students while bowling. After we return I will be pulling students out of classes around 20 at a time to go to the Kona truck.” Make sure you bring extra money for the arcade games, the Kona truck is already paid for!

“Students may not have their phones. This is a social trip to hang out with friends and is still school related.” Mr.Majszak added. Keep those phones in lockers or you could lose them. Make sure to have fun with friends. ,“If your group is 2 people or less you will be put with another group of 2-3 people.”

“The best part of this trip for most kids is hanging out with friends and playing games,” Mr.Majszak concluded. Have fun bowling and have a great trip. Mr. Majszak also claims he has no favorite student if you were wondering, but, I think it’s me