West Morning Routines Aren’t Fair

Ariana Faulkner, Reporter

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Every morning students come to West. What are their choices? Sit in the gym, stand in line, or sit in the cafeteria. However, 8th graders get to roam free due to seniority rules at West, and it needs to stop!

When asked why this rule exist, Mr. Smiley states,” I like the rule because the school has to be organized. Also, there is not enough staff to control all the kids.” Smiley likes that students have a designated spot to wait for the bell and yes, staff shouldn’t have to watch the students in the morning. Yet, 6th and 7th graders are responsible and can be trusted to walk around the school building!

Arden, WMS 7th grader, states“ No, I don’t like the rule because just because their older doesn’t mean they’re more responsible”. 8th graders aren’t that responsible. They run around the school, and they leave junk on the lunch tables/floor and they don’t get in trouble.

When asked Brooklyn (6th grader) about the rules she stated “No this rule isn’t fair at all. We have to stand in a line.” The 6th graders have to stand in a line and a teacher is watching their every move. Something has to be done!

I think 8th graders are spoiled with this rule. They get to walk around the building in the morning, who knows what they’re doing?! Why do they get the freedom to do whatever they want in the morning while no one is watching them. I believe all should have this choice.

The 8th grade only morning rule is fair. We should all have the choice to walk around the building or to stay in the gym. Mr. Smiley should change the rule because even though the 8th graders were here longer doesn’t mean they’re more responsible.