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Haunted places and Haunted attractions near you.

Nolan Fowler, Editor in Chief

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Halloween is just a few days away, and Halloween is not complete without a few scares. Here are some spine-chilling adventures you can do to make your Halloween complete.

Haunted Forest. Located at 3860 Newton Rd, Commerce Charter Twp, MI 48382. Kris Jovan from west middle school says it is great for the whole family. It is not too scary but it’s good for first-timers.

Eloise Asylum. Don’t go alone. This bloodcurdling old abandoned psychiatric hospital is supposedly haunted. This asylum is one of the biggest asylums in Michigan. Opened in 1832 to early 1980s.  With miles of underground tunnels. And 5 horrifying floors. People have said to hear chairs moving, loud screams, And chains moving.

Eloise Cemetery. This cemetery is told to be very very haunted. This cemetery has over 7,000 graves, of most people who died at the psychiatric hospital but some of the graves are of poor people. This cemetery was hidden from the public until found again. This cemetery and asylum are on 902 acres of property.

The Whitney located at 4421 Woodward Avenue, it was first built in 1894 for a wealthy man named David Whitney Jr. Today the house is estimated at 10,500,000. Now today the mansion is an upscale restaurant that is haunted. Over 8 died people have died in the mansion before it was a restaurant. This restaurant is haunted due to David Whitney and his wife died in the house. Visitors have said the elevator is the most haunted. Guests have said to see the elevator moving by itself. And the freakiest of all, the hidden vault in the living room.    


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Haunted places and Haunted attractions near you.