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Talent Show

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The talent show auditions are scheduled on February 14, 2018, and are in WMS cafeteria for 6th, 7th, and 8th graders. Also, the actual talent show is February 28, 2018. This is the time to show off their unique talents.

All the students last year did a wonderful job with their performances, and hopefully, some of them will audition again. West has seen a significant amount of talents last year, including singing, nun-chucks, an entire band, and Rubik’s cube solving in less than a minute!

Two people decide on whether you are in the talent show once you try out: Mrs. Grady(WMS choir teacher) and Mrs. Hedge (WMS teacher). Mrs. Hedge explains 15 years ago, West decided to do the talent show to showcase student talents, that don’t usually get shown at school. “We believe there are so many talented students who are gifted, and the talent show provides an avenue to show their talents,” Mrs. Grady states. She also says being confident is a must. Mrs. Hedge adds, “The difference between getting in and not, is if you actually put in work.” Just because Mrs. Grady and Mrs. Hedge are judges, doesn’t mean they are super serious, or anything. As long as you enjoy your talent, they will probably love your performance too. Mrs. Hedge and Mrs. Grady love seeing all the different talents, and how supportive kids are of each other.

We got together with two of many other performers last year to see if they liked the show, and if they were going try out again this year. This is what Nandini Desaraju (7th-grade student at West) had to tell, “I enjoyed performing for everyone, but it was nerve-racking.” Nandini sang last year and said she enjoy’s her talent. Nolan Fowler (7th-grade student at West) says he enjoys his talent because it’s fun. They both want to do the talent show again, but Nolan says he might be doing a different act.

If you can’t come to the talent show, no worries! The talent show is also part of the third quarter PBIS award ceremony. The kids who performed at the talent show on February 28th, get to perform at the PBIS talent show again. This way kids who couldn’t see it the first time can watch it.

The talent show is a time to showcase your talents. Even though it seems like forever until February, time flies when you are having fun. And that fun is the key to having an amazing talent.

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Talent Show