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Maria’s Complaints About Life

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My name is Maria Bonnici. I am a normal 7th-grade girl at West Middle School. I am annoyed by a lot of things. For example, the topics in this article.

I love music, it’s beautiful, fun, and interesting. The bad thing about music is when no one knows what instrument I’m playing. I’m playing my viola, that is CLEARLY a viola, and someone walks over and calls it a violin. I can understand if they don’t know me and they aren’t in the orchestra. I can understand when they are a little kid and haven’t seen very many instruments. But if they are a member of my section, they know who I am, or I have already told them that I play the viola, and they STILL have the nerve to call it a violin, I want to scream at them. Unless, of course, they correct themselves before I do it myself. In case you couldn’t tell, it’s smarter to correct yourself.

Have you ever had a teacher that likes to explain things a million times before they let you work? I have, and I still do. I won’t name them, but they explained the difference between chemical symbols and chemical formulas so many times that I thought my brain would explode. It wasn’t like this topic was new either. I knew EXACTLY how this worked except one little thing that wasn’t even in the speech OR the assignment. So annoying.

I also have had subs and teachers who explain something badly, and when someone in the class says, “What?” they get super mad and explain it again in almost the exact same words, but louder. As if being loud explains things. It’s like, “I’M USING CAPS NOW, DOES THAT MAKE THIS MAKE SENSE?” And you also have the two-word-explanation teachers. Sometimes, you don’t understand how the teacher calls it “explaining.”

Someone moves important binder. Girl misses bus. Boys block locker. Girl misses bus. Missing the bus is one of the most annoying things ever. If I miss the bus, you might not see me freak out or get super annoyed, but inside I am fuming.

If you miss the bus and it’s your fault, it’s not as annoying. When you miss the bus because of someone or something else, it’s explosion worthy. It’s like, “I like making it on the bus, people. NOW MOVE!” When someone is blocking my locker, sometimes I used to try waiting for them to finish. After November 28th, 2017, I will NEVER wait again. Maybe I should move on before I lose it.

There are two types of traffic in this world; car traffic and people traffic. Before I rant, allow me to make this clear, I never ever want to see either.

Of the two, I mainly encounter people traffic. That is to say, the kind of traffic you see on a crowded city’s sidewalks and in middle school hallways. This is so annoying because… well, I’m sure you can guess. Whenever I run into this traffic, it’s when I need to get somewhere fast.

Car traffic is much worse. If you are in the car, odds are you are going somewhere that you plan to get food or do something important or fun. Or heading home. Heading home is always good. Odds are, you also are going to a place that you want to get to fast. That can mean only one thing for you; TRAFFIC.

People have no respect for anyone anymore. People also, quite frankly, are awful at controlling their cars. Hence the fact you can encounter crashes, speeding tickets, slow drivers, bad drivers, rude drivers, drivers with road rage, and slow, bad, rude drivers with serious road rage. There are times when you may wonder, “Will I ever get there?” The answer is no. Traffic is incredibly annoying.

As I said, I am annoyed by a lot of things. If you enjoyed this rant, stay tuned for a sequel!


2 Responses to “Maria’s Complaints About Life”

  1. person on December 22nd, 2017 8:23 am

    Well first of all I agree with the traffic part, and I get some things might be annoying, but you have to understand when you miss the bus because, of someone else, chances are that they needed to get somewhere TOO. Also they got their first. when A teacher explains something over and over again it’s probably because, they want you and others to get a full understanding. Some people don’t catch on so quickly. Another thing is that when people call your Veolia a violin, they just made a mistake, and people do not want to be corrected. It’s also not a good Idea to yell at people for that because, it might annoy them. I agree some things can be annoying but, sometimes you have to look at it in the reasons that it could be.


  2. adviser on January 12th, 2018 10:42 am

    Thank you for your feedback, but please try not to make threats. Maria is a columnist. She is doing what she is asked to do. Thank you!


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Maria’s Complaints About Life