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Severe Snow Weather Emergencies.

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Weather isn’t predictable, and it is deadly. An estimate shows that 640 people die because of severe weather each year. How are you going to prepare?

How to prepare: You can prepare for snow weather by surveying temperatures and local news stations. You can also ask the local police near you when these weather hazards happen usually, you should also see if your home has extra food and water with a backup electricity supply.

When will an emergency be established? Typically, a snow emergency is declared by the mayor or other chief executive officials of a jurisdiction. The declaration is usually issued after the winter storm has impacted a city or county. Winter Storm Warnings, Lake Effect Snow Warnings, Blizzard Warnings, and Winter Weather Advisories issued by the National Weather Service are taken into account when declaring a snow emergency.

How to help the aftermath! As you see tip boxes in stores you could ask your city mayor/city officials to have a donation box in your city halls, churches, and even some restaurants if they agree. Also, currently Red Cross is hosting an online donation on its website for any weather disaster! (Hurricanes, Wildfires, Tornadoes, Cyclones, Floods, Emergency Snow weather and water to give to extreme heat weathers.)


You want to be safe from the wonders of nature, and help and protect your friends then follow these steps: 1. Be Prepared 2. Think of others and finally 3. Fund others to help the cause of others and maybe in the future you.

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Severe Snow Weather Emergencies.