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Hawaii, it’s an amazing place. There are so many things to do and see. From my point of view, here are the top nine things to do in Hawaii.

Number 9: Pearl Harbor

Pearl Harbor was a cool place. You were able to go to the USS Arizona Memorial. You could see the Arizona ship sitting at the bottom of the bay, with oil still leaking out of the ship after all of this time.

Number 8: Luau

The Luau was very entertaining. There was great Hawaiian food to eat while watching native Hawaiian dances. The show was outdoors so we got a bit wet because of the weather. But the show was very good and entertaining.

Number 7: Honolulu Zoo

   The zoo was very cool! There were many different types of animals. Although many enclosures didn’t have animals in them or they were under construction. But it was a well-maintained zoo and was very clean.

Number 6: Dole Plantation

The Dole Plantation was very cool! We went through an outdoor pineapple maze. They also had a pineapple garden and a pineapple train. Then there was a huge gift shop with many things made out of a pineapple.

Number 5: Maui Aquarium

   If you love to fish this is the place to go because they had a ton of them! There were many different attractions with a variety of sea animals. They had jellyfish, sharks, turtles, stingrays and many other creatures.

Number 4: The Beach

The beaches were ok. Some had a lot of rocks and shells making it hard to stand without hurting your feet. But the water was very warm and it didn’t smell very salty. And when the sun would set at night it was beautiful.

Number 3: Diamond head

   Diamond head looks like a big bowl but it is really a crater that formed 300,000 years ago. Hiking up to the top of the crater was really fun, once you were at the top you had a great view of the mountains, downtown Honolulu, and the ocean.

Number 2: Parasailing

 If you are a daredevil this is something for you. Soaring high in the sky over the water. It was another amazing view. The good thing was that you weren’t going that fast so it didn’t make it super frightening.

Number 1: Helicopters

Helicopters in Hawaii are just amazing and I highly recommend them. They are just like airplanes but they don’t need a runway to take off from. They are also great for sightseeing. We went through valleys and also over the ocean. While we were over the ocean we saw 3 whales, one was a baby. The helicopters were so cool!

Lauren Sulak (Plymouth High Schooler) says, “My favorite part of Hawaii was Diamond Head.” She explained she liked it because of “the beautiful views.” She also says she would for sure go again.


So this was my top 9 favorite things to do in Hawaii. The Helicopters were my favorite thing in Hawaii, let me know what your favorite thing would be if you go there!

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