Maria’s Complaints About Life, Version 2

My name is Maria Bonnici, and welcome to my complaints about life. I’m that average girl at West Middle School in 7th grade. Maybe you remember me from my last article. Anyway, I wrote this because life is still annoying. I hope you enjoy.

Mondays are the inevitable days that everything goes wrong. They not only startup school again, but they happen every week. Every single week. There are certain Mondays that feel like Tuesdays, Wednesdays, Thursdays, or Fridays. These are the worst kind. Especially the Friday ones. You come home from school feeling like you deserve the next two days off, but in reality, you still have the rest of Monday, and four more days until freedom. And the freedom will inevitably be ended by a Monday. Thankfully, MLK day happened. Otherwise, this week would be pretty boring.

And now for a school-related problem! It’s called… HOMEWORK! Duh duh duh! When your teacher says, “And you have four pages of homework. It’s due tomorrow.” You probably wouldn’t vote them as the teacher of the year. If that’s a thing. Finally making it home from a long day at school, and knowing that you have more work is really, and I mean REALLY, annoying. I still feel responsible for everything, so I still do it. With way more complaining that would be advised (I’m even complaining in an article, which is on a school website). Really, what do teachers expect when they give unreasonable amounts of homework?

Small talk? “Nice weather we’re having.” Nope.

I (unfortunately) am someone who wants to learn. I (also, unfortunately) am plagued by the loud kids in class. Teachers have the power to silence most open mouths, but some have advanced to an insanely high level where the only possible way to ever shut their ever-working mouths is to remove them from situations where they can interact with their fellow peers, and ultimately disrupt the poor unfortunate students attempting absorb information they may never need for their future lives… Was that too much?

When someone randomly decides to speak to me, I get frustrated and SOMETIMES nervous (only sometimes). How do I decide what to say in an extremely limited time? I often try finding ways I can avoid human interactions so I can come up with things I can say, just in case of a sudden, unexpected interaction that I must respond with multiple words. The people who sneak up on me as I am going elsewhere are the worst. I’m calmly leaving a room, and then, BAM! I’m sucked into a long conversation with someone that I didn’t want to speak to! This leads to one of two situations: Either I try to be boring and speak as little as possible or I try my hardest to escape this human being. Sometimes I throw both plans out the window and just be rude. People also combine small talk with surprise interactions.

I really appreciate those readers who finish articles they started. It makes me very happy to know my hard work is being read by other humans that aren’t family. Those of you who skipped any of my paragraphs, well…  I worked hard on this! So now, GO READ THE PARAGRAPHS YOU SKIPPED! To those readers who read everything, I’m very happy and thank you for taking the time out of your day to read my work. Anyway, another time this kind of thing bothers me is during peer edits. I write a lot. I’m sure you can tell. When I do a peer edit with someone who doesn’t read it all, it is really annoying. If they have stopped before the last page and not even bothered to hide it, so I’m just looking at my unread writing sadly. Then you have the people who admit to not finishing it. They say something along the lines of, “I didn’t finish it, but-*observations they have not read enough to confirm true*- and it’s WAAAAAYYYYYY too long.” These people fall into the stupidly annoying category (I’m sorry, but it’s true!).

As I keep saying, I am annoyed by a lot of things. If you enjoyed, good. If you didn’t, sorry. One more thing, there might be another article, but there might not be.

Addressing comments (it needs to happen):  I know that you have a right to complain about my complaints. I also know that you didn’t know that the idea of Maria’s Complaints About Life was suggested to me when I was having issues coming up with another article.  Just keep in mind I have the right to complain about your complaining. I don’t appreciate the threat comment’s threat part, but it sounded humorous so I’m okay with it. Although the MARIA part did make the class smile, so thanks for that. If you want to reply to this, I would like to hear that. Also, to the other person who commented on my other article, thanks for the feedback and I know those things. I simply was trying to make readers find this more interesting, considering my first two articles were really boring. I believe I explained why most things were annoying and why I justified complaining. Also, I don’t know why your comment isn’t appearing, did you delete it? If so why? It was a good comment. That about sums up what I have to address and thanks for commenting!