Students Are Out of Control on the Bus!

School Bus arriving to West in the morning.

Caitlin Noe

School Bus arriving to West in the morning.

Caitlin Noe, Reporter

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The students’ bus behavior for this 2018-2019 school year is not acceptable. When kids get on the bus in the morning and afternoon, not everyone behaves like they are supposed to.  This behavior needs to change for the other kids on the bus, and the bus driver.

Unacceptable behavior includes hogging the seats, swearing, pushing, arguing with the driver, blocking the back window, and throwing things out the window. This is behavior is dangerous and the bus driver should be focused on the road. The driver is not there to discipline the students.

I interviewed Annabelle Zinski and Carly Noe, seventh graders who ride the bus, about the behavior on their bus.  Annabelle Zinski states, “ I think the bus behavior is getting out of control. Sometimes the bus has to pull over and talk to the student.” That is completely unacceptable. When the driver stops the bus,  it basically punishes everyone on the bus because it will take them even longer to get home.

Carly Noe feels the bus behavior is slowly getting worse and worse.

If this terrible behavior continues and no students try to stop the behavior, then we will continue to have terrible riding experiences, or worse, a bus accident!  

What can be done? There are a lot of things we can do to stop this. Stop the people around us that are making bad decisions. It would make the bus driver feel relieved and the people around you feel relaxed. Remember, the other students are fed up with this behavior!