2018-2019 Salem’s Winning Teams

Ella Miller, Maya Boland, and Emma Patrick

2018-2019 Salem High School sports teams have rocked the park! This school year the Salem Women’s Cross Country, Salem Women’s Volleyball, and Salem Wrestling were “Park Champs”, meaning they beat both Plymouth and Canton High Schools. Brian Samulski, the Salem Athletic Director, stated, “The Salem Athletic Dept. strives to get better each day!”

On February 4th, 2019 the Rockettes won State Championships! The team won against Franklin, Heritage, and many other teams with an overall score of 495.5. The determined Varsity Rockettes beat out 22 Michigan teams, and JV Rockettes beat out 11! They put in hours of practice, and it all paid off in the end. Go Rockettes!

Salem Men’s Hockey won their Regional Championship. On February 22nd, the boys’ varsity hockey beat Howell 6-0. Also, on January 26th they beat Franklin by a whopping 8-0! They had a great season. Many wins, and very little losses.

Varsity Wrestling has won many matches this season, including their District Championship. The most recent match was on January 18th and they beat Fordson 53-28. The team also beat Plymouth High School (52-18) and Canton High School (51-24) on January 12th.